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Starting a business is hard. There have been lots of laptops, lattes, and late nights like this. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. ♥

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Absolutely adore this photo. Reblog every time.

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I have listened to this album dozens of times and never payed attention to how sensual the cover art was.

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alice-the-red I found you a new blog. Yourcoffeeguru.

You are welcome.

I already follow it!  Great minds think alike. ♥

quantumsatis replied to your photo “Apparently, my next cup of coffee is on the devil.”

The devil knows how to do the perfect roast.

You should know, you silver tongued devil. ♥  quantumsatis

You all know how much I love coffee, but in the words of Mr. Ron Weasley:

"She needs to sort out her priorities."

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If I had a microphone…

I’d be droppin it right now.

Good Morning, Monday.

Its hard to see it, but the shirt says RUN DMC!!!
lovelyandnaughty understands

Apparently, my next cup of coffee is on the devil.

Ummm…thats not where they go, sweetheart.

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I need this coffee mug. 

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